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Once in a life-time: 31 Moline Universals came to the AETA Show for the Moline Plow Company Reunion. Eleven states and people from coast to coast. Not all were able to stay for this aerial photo, but this is a mighty impressive view of Universals and owners.
nt row shows Models A, B, C, D and D Orchard and E. A FIRST for this line up.
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made on each day of the show:
I have a lot more photos with slight variations of these.
Ask if you see one you might like. I will look for others that are similar.
All that you order will be color corrected and touched up. These are "proofs".
I served as a show photographer on behalf of the Moline Universal Tractor Reunion committee.
I was available during the show to shoot custom photographs of equipment.

Photos & Tee-shirts are available for purchase.
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Filenames are in chronological order:

 Thursday MKJ2816 to MKJ3155
Friday      MKJ3165 to MKJ4961
Saturday  MKJ4985 to MKJ6980
Sunday    MKJ6990 to MKJ7301

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Above is a Documentary video of the Moline Plow Company 
showing history of the company and current events during their time in business.

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Loren Book, Moline Universal 8-4-17
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