Through friendship with an avid collector of Moline Plow Company and Minneapolis-Moline equipment and memorabilia, Loren Book, I became enamored with the attractive lithograph artwork used by the Moline Plow Co. to promote their line of innovative agricultural products of the time 1870-1925. 
Many original paper marketing items, dating back over 100 years, have become faded, worn, and stained over time. They were originally made as folded brochures, small trading cards, and pocket-sized items. 
With my photography background, I wanted to preserve these works of art in a form they could be shared and enjoyed by those who painstakingly restore the actual equipment and are interested in the history. 
For more history, see:
In the process I call "renewal", I have enhanced the original artwork by digitally restoring vivid colors, repairing defects, and sharpening them for enlarging quality digital prints suitable for framing. In the gallery below, I show before and after examples of the enhancements.
When you order a print, it will be the fully renewed version.
They are ideally sized for 12"x18" prints. 
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